Hey there, I'm Jockii, a self taught graphic designer and Illustrator from Southern California.  I've been doing graphics, working in multi-media, print and design work for over 10 years.  You may think it's quite strange, but since the young age of 14, I emersed myself into learning the design process throughout the wee hours of the night until the sun came up, simply because I loved it.  I owe what I know now to all those many sleepless nights.  

This undying passion landed me some pretty awesome opportunities, working with some extremely talented people, entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, musicians, you name it!

I guess you can say I've been across the map when it comes to design! My work has made quite the stretch from the corporate world to the small business, to the Youtuber, to the musician, to the church, and to the normal day to day living person who just wants some cool graphics or artwork.  And I must say, I truly love it all!  

There is no dream too big, and no idea too small.  And I'm just honored to play a part in helping your vision become a reality. 


Some fun facts about me:

• I lead worship every week, and it is the biggest honor and passion in my life to serve God in this way, and to get to tell the world about him! 


• I'm obsessed with my dog Forrest, who is a miniature grey poodle that I rescued from the animal shelter.  He's my best friend for real. 


• I love adventure and exploring the world!  and I also love kayaking more than I can express. 

• Even though I work in coffee shops sometimes, I actually don't really drink it or care for it all that much.   I'd take a green tea matcha latte, or London Fog over coffee any day.